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Truck at park


Am I a developer? Not really. I mostly tinker with Python (and Django framework), APIs, and various Linux shell scripts to make my work and personal life easier.

I think Bearblog was cool because I miss the 90s, when the web was HTML, and JavaScript was in a cage, unleashed for limited, occasional spice.

Who this?

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For work, I do Digital Forensics and Incident Response. I limp along with Python, PowerShell (yes, I do indeed use it in both Linux and Windows), Bash scripting, and occasional C hacking in the Linux kernel. I love home automation tinkering and electronics.

Love Linux as a hobby, it's fun, and also great for work related stuff. Network forensics and traffic is interesting to me also, for work and pleasure.

I love using FreeBSD, as a networking OS, and am running OPNSense in various places. Additionally, I try to contribute to Suricata IDS and adore it's developer and support community.

Non-tech stuff, I like being outside, and running šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø Before entering tech professionally, I was a park ranger and first responder šŸ‘®ā€ā™‚ļøšŸŒ²


I settled comfortably in ArchLinux back in 2001, Before that, it was playing with Slackware and the original RedHat (and derivatives like Mandrake) in the mid to late 90s. BeOS was cool too, but it never really took off.